Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Venus In Furs

Ok - I've made it through my first book from the list. When I chose it I didn't realise it would be so short. At 125 pages, it only took a couple of commutes to polish off. The list has it down under the 'Best Sex' category - I would place it more as 'best passion'. Severin von Kusiemski falls in love with Wanda van Dunajew the moment he sees her, and persuades her to let him demonstrate his love by becoming her slave. He signs a contract putting himself completely at her mercy and off they go - whips and all.

I found this book a bit of a struggle to concentrate on towards the beginning, but once the relationship got going it moved along much more fluently and the reader becomes more engaged.

I'm sure the lady in the library near my work was most intrigued when I joined and then straight away took out a book labelled 'classic erotica', but don't read this if you are after juicy sex scenes - all that is left to the reader's imagination, as I guess is only befitting of a book from this period.

One Few Over The Cuckoo's Nest is next up!


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